USP 99.95% (1000mg/ml) nicotine used for e-liquid - nicotine flavour

USP 99.95% (1000mg/ml) nicotine used for e-liquid

Name: Nicotine

Brand:Xian Taima

Strength: 1000mg

Origin: China

Chemical Formula: C10H14N2

CAS: 54-11-5

Purity: 99.99%

Appearance: colourless, clear, free from suspended matter

Suggested storage conditions: Dry, ventilated, dark area, away from heat sources in tightly closed original packaging at temperature 0-10℃

Shelf life: 2 years

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Xian Taima is proud to announce that we are one of the largest nicotine manufacturers in the world to create a product tailored to our customers needs. Through its use of highly advanced technologies and energy efficient business practices they have been leading the way in providing vape specific nicotine for over 9 years! Our goal is to provide ejuice manufacturers with consistent purity levels as close to 100% as humanly possible.

We last continue to fine tune the nicotine’s sensitive properties, specifically the oxidation rate, harshness, and odor. This is accomplished by advanced extraction processes and the highest quality source of tobacco plants known to man.

Pure nicotine :natural product that is extracted from tobacco leaves and then filtered and purified to our highest specifications. Pure Nic 99+ meets highest quality and purity standards confirmed by certificates issued by independent, accredited laboratories.